Monday, January 21, 2013

Snowmen Construction

Hi there!

I hope you all are enjoying this three-day weekend (if you have one) as much as I am! I am spending part of my day updating you all on what happened last week in my Speech room....lots of fun stuff. :) Last week started with most of my younger students helping to construct the life-size snowmen I created out of bulletin board paper (mentioned in a previous post.) 

We started by deciding if we were going to make a "girl" snowman or a "boy." As you can see, this group decided to make a 'girl'.

We had enough time after making our "girl" to make a second snowman, so we decided to make a "boy" snowman as well. My students had a great time with this activity! We were able to target many things: sequencing, requesting, identifying, labeling, & pronouns to name a few. What other activities would you target with this activity? 

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