Sunday, January 13, 2013

Feed the Penguin

Hi there!

On Friday I used Carrie Manchester's, over at www.carriesspeechcorner.blogspot.comFeed the Penguin Articulation activity with a PK student. It was a big hit!! 

This activity is great, and can be found at! The fish contain the target word AND the picture...perfect for the 'non-reader.' This activity can be delivered in different ways, you can either 'feed the penguin' (as shown in the picture above attached to a tissue box), or you can use smaller 'penguin mats' for students to collect fish as they practice their target sounds. 

Thanks for stopping by! Please comment below if you find this activity helpful!



  1. I am currently using a penguin theme with my kindergarten and first grade students - this will be perfect! Thank you!!!

  2. I'm glad this is going to be helpful to you! I used it again today!!