Monday, July 15, 2013

"S...peachy" Feedback Linky Party

Feedback is AWESOME! Reading the feedback from people who purchase my materials is great. It makes my day to read what you all have to say! Not only is it helpful to me as I plan to make more materials, but it is great for you all too. When you leave feedback on purchases, points are earned, and they can be used on other materials in the future....for FREE!

Nicole over at  Speech Peeps  created a linky party, "Speachy Feedback," to allow shoppers a chance to win materials based on the excellent feedback left to sellers. If you'd like to "link up," click the image below.

Here is the feedback comment that made my day when I read it: 

This comment made me smile, because I like that "moswogger" recognized the material included sorting mats, and that's not something he/she has seen in other materials. Moswogger, email me at to receive one free item from my store. 

To find this item, click the image above! Thank you all for your continued support and great feedback. Do you have items that have been purchased and haven't been given feedback? Hurry, leave feedback....You could be the next lucky winner! 

Take care until next time!