Thursday, April 4, 2013

Activity Swap

Today I am going to share with you an activity from Jessica, the author of Figuratively Speeching SLP. She is from Long Island, NY, and is one of the first Speech-Language Pathologist I met when I started blogging in January of this year. She has helped me throughout the process, and continues to do so when I have a "newbie" question. We decided to do an "Activity Swap" and today I am going to share one of her great materials with you. 

The name of the activity is Spring Idioms, and it includes:

  • 24 idiom cards with matching definitions 
  • One 3-page game board
  • Poke cards, to include multiple choice idiom definitions
  • Blank cards for you to create your own idioms
  • Graphic organizer to illustrate the meaning of the idioms

What is special about this activity?? Why do I like it so much??
  • It is interactive and my students loved it! The game-board allows the students to visually see their progress as they are participating. 

  • The graphic organizer allows students to illustrate and explain the meanings of the idioms. 

  • The idiom cards themselves can be paired with their definition.

  • The poke cards are a great feature as well. I used them with the game board to initially introduce the idioms, but they can also be used independently to promote self-correction with students.

  • The price of this activity is appealing as well. It can be found in her TPT store for only $2.00 at the following link:

Thank you Jessica for allowing me to preview this great activity! If you like this activity as much as I do, follow her on Teachers Pay Teachers. There are many more activities in her store (link above) and for up-to-date activity information you can follow her on her FB page, Figuratively Speeching SLP.

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