Friday, January 23, 2015

Welcome to the Frenzied SLPs

Being a part of The Frenzied SLP's is very exciting for me! We are a great group of SLPs looking to share tips, tricks, and the like as they relate to Speech-Language Pathology. The FB page for all things "frenzied" can be found here:  The Frenzied SLPs

In this post I hope to tell you all a little about myself and also share with you a little "trick" I've used in the past when working with groups of students. 

1. I was born and raised in a small town in Texas (graduating class of 57). Growing up my family had lots of animals: goats, pigs, cows, rabbits, chickens, hedgehogs, and sheep to name a few. :) It was hard work, but I wouldn't change it. Looking back now as an adult, I am thankful for the memories and experiences! 

2. As far back as I can remember I was in the kitchen cooking and baking with my Mom. I love to try new recipes while still using some favorites I grew up on. When my children say, "Mmm, this is good Momma," it melts my heart and them liking it is what matters. 

3. My family and I love to camp, fish, hike, and just play outside! Yearly, we take a "glamping" (glamorous camping) trip to the river. It is a time we all look forward to just being together as a family (no technology allowed). We "unplug" and have a blast!! "Glamping" is better when babies are involved, but my husband and two young boys take part in primitive camping each year as well with just tents and a campfire. 

4. In August 2014 my family and I moved to South Korea for our first expatriate assignment. After almost six months, I am feeling comfortable and settled in our new home. S. Korea is a very safe and friendly place to raise children. However, being a Texas girl, there are things that I miss...aside from the obvious, family and friends, I miss REAL Mexican food. To find Mexican food here in Korea, it is a good four hour drive or three hour train ride. I also miss working in the schools, but am continually using my knowledge as a SLP to help my children develop. :) 

Now for the "trick" I like to use when working with groups! When I was working in the schools, as recent as last school year, I found it helpful for the children to take part in keeping track of their successes. I was fortunate to have a "kidney-bean" shaped table (but this trick should work on any table top...test it out) and could easily monitor the children monitoring themselves. All you need is a dry erase marker and an eraser. (Pictured below is an example of children writing on a table top. Although, this is not my picture (my picture of this trick didn't make it to Korea), you get the idea of what I'm talking about. 

Picture credit goes to:

Some of the ways that I used this trick:
  • as a pacing guide for multisyllabic words (I'd make a rectangle and divide it up depending on the number of syllables being targeted and the child would monitor that all syllables were said.)
  • as a means to reach a target goal of correct responses during language sessions (i.e., if the target were five correct the student would be responsible for making "check marks" until five correct responses were reached.)
  • a way to represent/remind students of the specific sound(s) being targeted during articulation groups 
  • as a way to sort/categorize during language groups by drawing T charts, venn diagrams, etc. giving objects/pictures a designated place on the table

What are some ways that you have used this same "trick?"


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  2. What a GREAT idea Natalie! Never thought of using dry erase markers ON the table top!! BTW - I'm a small town gal too - 51 in my graduating class! :)

  3. Great tip Natalie- thanks! It was fun to read about you too- best wishes to you in S.K!

  4. I've seen this tip before, but have been afraid to try it. So nice to read about you; my husband lived in SK when he was 12, and he loved it.

  5. I can totally see this as a great way for students to self-evaluate their speech and language productions to see if they think they were correct or incorrect. I LIKE it! Just a side note...with my own kiddo we LOVE to use dry erase markers on our fridge for some early literacy fun and math too! :) Thanks for the tip!